The OCESD business office is your center for employee benefits, payroll, substitutes, reimbursements and a wide variety of other services. 

E-rate Technology Bid Documents

To find the list of equipment for the e-rate technology category 1 and 2 bids, please click here: https://www.ocesd.net/o/ocesd/browse/178819

Paystubs: Electronic or Paper?

OCESD has once again moved to electronic-only paystubs. Under our new system, you will receive an email to your @ocesd.net email account each time you are paid.  The email will direct you to the employee portal located at https://escapeweb.bcoe.org

Q: How do I log on to the portal? 

A: See the instructions on this page below.

Q: What if I would prefer a paper paystub instead of an email?

A: If you would prefer a paper paystub, email the payroll dept by clicking here to request paper paystubs.

OCESD Escape Employee Online Portal


Step 1: Go to https://escapeweb.bcoe.org


Probably a good idea to add this to your bookmarks.


Step 2: Select “Create new user?”


Step 3: Fill out the needed information

You will need to complete this information as it appears on your paycheck; no nicknames or vanity birthdates.

Email – Your username@ocesd.net email.

First Name

Last Name

Birth Date

Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number


Confirm Password

**IMPORTANT** If the system tells you there is “already an account for this user” or something similar, go back to the login page and select “Forgot Password.” This will take you through the process a second time, but should let you reset your password and get logged in.


Step 4: Two Factor Authentication

 Two Factor Authentication – You will see a list of emails and/or cell phone numbers (depending on your payroll setup) for the two factor authentication code. Select one and hit “Send Code”. You will get emailed or texted a confirmation code that you will need to enter within 5 minutes.

Step 5: You are in!

Your username will be your username@ocesd.net email address.