Oakdale Heights Elementary School is attended by approximately 430 TK-5th grade students. We have 17 regular education teachers, and four special education specialist teachers in the areas of Resource Specialist, Special Day Class, Severely Handicapped Class, and Speech and Language Services. We also host two county programs on our site in addition to a preschool classroom. We have a total of 13 instructional aides, both for regular education, and special education, as well as a bilingual Hmong aide. All of our teachers and aides are Highly Qualified, as required by the No Child Left Behind Act. Students classified as socio-economically disadvantaged at Oakdale Heights make up 86% of our student population. We have approximately 24% of our student population who are second-language learners, representing two major language groups, Hmong and Spanish.

Oakdale Heights Elementary School Mission Statement: Our mission is to create and maintain an environment of excellence through Collaboration, Communication, and Celebration of accomplishments.