We expect students to get along with each other, enjoy productive partnerships and exhibit teamwork. Many positive rewards are given to well-behaving students. Students may also earn classroom Principal Awards and individual student ice cream awards for following school rules and for exhibiting exemplary behavior. For students who have significant difficulty getting along with others, we use a behavioral report system.


The whole school staff is ready to help when children misbehave. An essential part of our school wide plan is reporting to the student, teacher and parents about the misbehavior. Please know that behavior guidelines are a positive part of our school program and are enforced so that all students can learn and be safe. If your child receives a behavior report, please reinforce correct behavior at home.

Appropriate and inappropriate behavior has been broken down into five areas or rules so that the rules will be easier for students to remember.


When a student breaks a rule, the adult in charge will fill out one of these four-part forms, explain to the student what rule was broken and have the student sign the report. Copies of the report will be sent to the principal and classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will indicate the consequence on the form. The first citation in the year will result in a warning. The second will result in a recess detention. The third will result in recess and lunch recess detention, plus a mandatory phone conference with parents. The fourth will result in recess and lunch detentions, plus a mandatory conference with the principal, teacher, parents and student. Each slip must be signed by the parent and returned the next school day. Slips that have not been returned will result in continued detention. Severe infractions or repeated misbehavior will result in suspension.