• Students , parents and school staff understand the school's behavioral standards.

  • All school staff individually and collectively enforce the discipline plan.

Within the classroom, the teacher uses a discipline approach that best fits the style of the class and the teacher's established rules:

I. Assurances: Students are entitled to participate in the educational activities at Ophir with assurance that they:

  • will be safe from physical harm.

  • will be able to study and learn without interruption.

  • will be free from harassment and teasing.

  • need not fear for the safety of their possessions.

II. The following behaviors interfere with the rights of students as listed above and are prohibited.

A. Property

  • Stealing others' property.

  • Damaging personal or school property.

B. Social

  • Insubordination.

  • Wrestling, fighting or harassing (includes all rough housing).

  • Using unsuitable language.

  • Cheating.

  • Poor cafeteria behavior, including: shouting, willfully creating a mess or disrupting others in the cafeteria.

C. Health and Safety

  • Playing in or around the restrooms.

  • Climbing on buildings or facilities.

  • Chewing gum.

  • Throwing objects.

  • Bicycling, skating, or skateboarding on campus.

  • Kicking balls on the blacktop other than in organized games. Misuse of equipment.

  • Playing on off-limits area.

  • Students leaving campus during school hours unless given permission by a parent, teacher, and the school secretary or the principal.

  • Carrying weapons or explosives (knives, guns, fireworks, etc.)

D. Consequences: Immediate consequences will be given to students who misbehave. The following is a list of possible consequences:

  • Verbal reprimand.

  • Isolation from the group activity.

  • Sit or stand in "time out" area.

  • Remove privilege of using equipment or material.

  • Perform work on campus (with parent permission).

  • Parent-Teacher-Student conference.

  • In-school suspension.

  • Behavior slip.

  • Parent phone call.

  • Suspension or expulsion from school.

IMPORTANT: Please advise your children that students found in possession of weapons (including knives and fireworks,), alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or any illegal substance, will automatically be recommended for expulsion and/or suspension. Students who continually harass others by using foul language or inappropriate suggestive remarks may be suspended or expelled for sexual harassment.