Student clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for the various school activities. Clothing should also be in good taste. Students should develop good hygiene habits so that they are neat and clean. Removable clothing should be labeled. Below are some definite guidelines for appropriate school dress:

  • Dress shorts with hems are permitted. The length should extend over the thigh toward the knee. (No cut-offs, no swimming trunks, no gym shorts, no skin-tight pants).

  • All top pieces must have shoulder straps.

  • All top pieces must be solid material covering to the waist and arm holes. (No midriffs, no mesh material, no tank tops with large open arm holes).

  • Thongs or shoes/sandals without back straps are not permitted.

  • Underwear must not be showing (no sagging pants or shorts).

  • Clothing which advertises alcohol or tobacco products is not permitted.

  • Clothing should not be sexually suggestive or carry any kind of derogatory message.

  • Hats/caps may be worn to school but must be removed in classrooms and other buildings.

  • Any apparel that disrupts school activities will not be permitted.