Performance Standards

In order to achieve our vision and mission, students, individually and collaboratively, will need multiple opportunities to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Each student will be a:

Self-Directed Learner who...

  • Seeks new information persistently from a wide variety of sources;

  • Self assesses performance to make continual improvement and set new directions;

  • Works both individually and collectively to construct meaning;

  • Plans, evaluates and adapts by using the lessons of the past and the forecasts of the future.

Constructive Problem Solver who...

  • Identifies and explores an idea for various perspectives;

  • Investigates, accesses and researches available data to develop possible solutions;

  • Creatively and effectively processes and filters information;

  • Interprets, analyzes and synthesizes information to solve problems;

  • Engages in continuous process of assessment.

Effective Communicator who...

  • Actively listens to communications of others;

  • Clearly, concisely and accurately conveys messages and feeling within a variety of context;

  • Motivates an audience by engaging them.

  • Selects the appropriate strategies and media to create a message;

  • Assimilates ideas and practices and accurately interprets them to any audience.

Creative Producer who...

  • Strategically utilizes the best possible resources, including technology, to product work;

  • Independently and collaboratively plans, creates and develops new ideas, products, services and performances;

  • Demonstrates high standards in a variety of contexts.

Academic Standards

To demonstrate their progress toward the performance standards, students will use the subject disciplines as the content from which to build their performances. It will be curriculum that...

  • Is built from national, state and local standards;

  • Allows achievement, based on high expectations, to be measured at regular intervals;

  • Coordinates resources to insure each student's success;

  • The criteria for excellence remains constant while performances will be unique to the student.

Community Citizens

Using our philosophy as our guide, our students will develop into community citizens who...

  • Formulate and act upon personal goals;

  • Practice effective communication with people from different backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures;

  • Understand and act upon principles of democracy.