Credential Renewals

Credentials should be renewed online at Once you have renewed your credential, please notify the Human Resources Department. When your credential renewal has been processed by the CTC, please go to the CTC website and print out the "detailed" version of your credential (here is a sample printout). Please send the credential print out to the Human Resources Department (email preferred).

*NOTE: CTC processing fee for credential renewals is $100.


Will Human Resources send me a reminder when my credential is about to expire?
Oroville City Elementary  will automatically send out email notifications 90/60/30 days prior to your credential expiration date. The 30 day email will also notify your supervisor of your credential renewal. You should plan to renew your credential as soon as an email notification is received.

How do I renew my credential?

Credentials can be renewed online on the CTC website. Instructions on how to use the website to renew your credential can be found here.

I am having trouble using the CTC website to renew my credential. Why won't my renewal go through?

The CTC website is only compatible with certain web browsers. A list of compatible browsers and instructions regarding the necessary pop-up blocker settings can be found here.

How early can I renew my credential?

Credentials can be renewed up to 6 months in advance of the expiration date. The issuance date for the renewed credential will be the same as the expiration date of the previous credential. You do not get a different expiration date by renewing early.