Trustee Areas for Board Elections

The Oroville City Elementary School District (OCESD) is transitioning the way its Board of Trustees is elected. Currently, the five trustees are elected “at-large”, meaning all voters in the District vote for all seats on the Board. After this process, the Board election will change to a “by-trustee area” system where the District is divided into five trustee areas with approximately the same population, and the voters in each area will elect a single trustee to the Board. Only the residents of a trustee area will be able to vote for that seat, and the candidates must live in the trustee area.

Here’s what else you need to know!

Why make this change?

There are a few reasons for making this change:

1.                 The California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) encourages school boards to be elected by-trustee area rather than at-large. By making the transition now, the voting strength of minority populations will be enhanced, and OCESD will be in a stronger position against legal challenges.

2.                 With five individual trustee areas, OCESD Board members will always reside across different areas of the District.

3.                 Election by trustee areas makes it easier for new candidates to run for a seat on the Board, as they can campaign within a single trustee area rather than across the whole District.


Does this change where my children go to school?

No, the trustee area map is completely separate from school attendance boundaries. The trustee area map will only affect which candidates you will vote for when electing members of the OCESD Board of Trustees.


How can I participate in the process?

There will be a series of public hearings related to this process. Please see the table below for a full proposed schedule. The first two public hearings will be conducted prior to any map options being developed, with subsequent public hearings occurring after there are specific maps to discuss.

You will be able view the trustee area map options online at this website and provide your feedback and ideas, either at the public hearings or by email.

Depending on the feedback received on the initial maps, some map options may be revised, or new map options may be created. There will then be another public hearing to gather feedback on the revised maps, with another possibility of new map options prior to the adoption of new trustee areas. The Board of Trustees will ultimately select one map to take effect in future elections.



February 15, 2023

Pre-Map Public Hearing #1

March 8, 2023

Pre-Map Public Hearing #2

April 19, 2023

Presentation of Draft Trustee Area Maps

May 10, 2023

First Public Hearing on Draft Maps

June 21, 2023

Second Hearing on Draft Maps after incorporating feedback from First Hearing

July 10, 2023

Final map options based on all Board and public  feedback to be posted on District website

July 19, 2023

Board to adopt map


Approval of trustee area map by County Committee on School District Reorganization


State Board of Education approval of OCESD waiver of election, which automatically establishes trustee area elections

November 2024

The first election to use the trustee areas must be held more than 120 days after trustee areas are  established by the State Board of Education

When would the new elections occur?

November 2024 would be the first election to use the new map with five trustee areas, with 3 Board members scheduled to be up for election in that year.

Would you like to provide input about this process?

The best way to participate in this process is to attend a public hearing scheduled above.

Proposed trustee maps can be found here:

Blank district maps are available to download for you to mark up and bring to public hearings or submit to the District via email to make map suggestions here:

Email us your input at: