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Major changes are coming for Sierra Del Oro Preschool!

First, in addition to continuing to offer the Special Education Preschool program, we plan to add a traditional State Preschool program in the late fall 2021!

With this major change to our program, we are changing our name to Sierra Del Oro Inclusive Preschool!

At Sierra Del Oro Inclusive Preschool our goal is to provide all young children with an inclusive early childhood education built on three central features of inclusion that achieves school readiness and positive outcomes throughout their educational careers.

  1. Access: providing a wide range of activities and environments for every preschool child by removing physical barriers and offering multiple ways to promote learning and development through universal design and universal design for learning.
  2. Participation: using a range of instructional approaches to promote engagement in play and learning activities, and a sense of belonging for every child.
  3. Supports: ensuring an infrastructure of system-level supports to assure high-quality inclusion e.g., professional development, integrating specialized services with general early care and education, and opportunities for communication and collaboration among families and professionals.